About Us

Welcome to PampasGrass.com

We are a small family run business based in the beautiful seaside town of Troon in South Ayrshire. We specialise in providing a wide range of quality pampas grass and dried flower bouquets for interior home decor.

Pampas grass decor has been trending on Instagram for the last couple of years and is increasingly being used in contemporary home interiors. We provide a wide range of colours and styles that are certain to match any interior design. Our dried flower bouquets are also perfect for gifting.

Our small team will prepare your pampas by hand to ensure that you only receive the finest quality stems. We carry large stocks and if you order by 1pm, we will prepare and dispatch your order the same day (except weekends).

Please leave us a message if you have any bespoke requests. We are always happy to help.

Amanda x