How to fluff pampas grass

How to fluff pampas grass

Roll large pampas in your hands

We will prepare your pampas for you by gently fluffing the stems and giving them a light coat of hair spray to prevent shedding.

When they arrive, they may have been packaged securely for transportation. You may wish to give them another fluff as required for your arrangement.

We recommend taking the pampas outside and gently rolling the stems between your palms. Be aware that this will cause some shedding.

To encourage the plumes to fluff up further, use a hairdryer on a low heat setting and hold a few inches away for a few minutes. Be careful not to get the hair dryer too close to the pampas or it may burn the feathers and discolour them.

Afterwards, use a light coating of hair spray to prevent any further shedding.

Before we fluff your pampas grass
Use a hair dryer to fluff the pampas
Large fluffy pampas grass
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